Drawing Competition in the shelter home of "Serve Seva Sangh" in Wadgaonsheri" with the volunteers

Street children from Pune station have been channelized and motivated for the education. It was difficult to believe that they were the "Street Chilldren" earlier... so sharp and intelligent. Volunteers of "Serve NGO" attempted to see and support the "Serva Seva Sangh" program for rehabilitation of street children in Pune Station.

Anna Daan Sarvottam Daan

John Paul Slum Development Centre has a shelter for street-children that currently cares for nearly 109 children from the ages of 2 to 15, from all across Pune district.
President, Dhyas Social Foundation,Dr. Naresh Bharde, Secretary, Dr. Manisha Bharde, Team Dhyas along with two generous volunteers served meal for the children and spent the day with the children.
We are happy to see the street children are getting educated, developing their creative skills and looking forward for a bright future in such shelter home
Dhyas Social Foundation donated Horlicks and biscuits to the old destitute women in Siddhi Mahila Vridhasram in Hadapsar Pune

Blood and Eye Donation Camp: 1 February 2014

Every year, millions of people rely on the generosity of another person to donate blood. With increasing life expectancy and the subsequent increase in the number of age-related, chronic diseases, including cancers, that require blood and blood products for treatment, demand outstrips supply. This means we increasingly need more blood donors to meet these demands. With the purpose to balance the supply and demand of the blood “Dhyas Social Foundation” organized “Blood Donation Camp” on February 01, 2014. Also, on this occasion “Eye Donation” was organized so that even after death your eyes will help someone else to see the beauty of the world.

Tree Plantation Campaign

Planting the saplings, is a small step towards retaining the green cover of Pune. Tree Plantation Campaign was organized by “Dhyas Social Foundation on 23rd August 2014 in Sawad, Pune. The team Excellence participated actively participated in the campaign and planted 100 trees in the area. For taking care of the growth of the trees one person was also appointed.

Vastra Arpan Campaign II

Reuse is an old tradition in India. So many people live in dire poverty. It is common for people to offer clothes and other items to poorer people. The principle behind reusing is that more an item can be used, the lesser we need to exploit natural resources hence it is eco-friendly. Reuse saves time, money, energy and resources. “Mamta Charitable Foundation” is a charitable trust and working on the same line. It collects donation material, sort out different items and categorize them into different sections as per needs of poor.
Dhyas Social Foundation also donated clothes collected during “Vastra Arpan” campaign. We donated old clothes and new blankets donated by our generous team members of Excellence Group of Companies.

Support to unprivileged children in Slum Area

Initiatives in Development and Education for All (IDEA) the winner of “Dhyas Social Award 2011” is dedicated to educate the underprivileged children that traversed from germination to conceptualization stage. Their efforts continue to be motivated by their mission to do good for the underprivileged children by creating a society that gives them equal and ample opportunities to lead a happier life. “Dhyas Social Foundation” supported IDEA Foundation by giving the school bags and stationary in their two slum study centre – Gopal Vasti in Hadapsar and Shravandhara Slum in Kothrud.

Distributed bed sheets and nutrition supplement to the Sasoon Hospital

Dhyas Social Foundation distributed bed sheets and nutrition supplement to the 50 poor patients in the Sasoon Hospital.

Support to children affected with HIV-AIDS in Mamta Foundation

Employees from Godrej and Boyce Company Ltd. with Dhyas Social Foundation supported the orphan children affected with HIV-AIDS by giving school bags and stationaries.

Christmas celebration in "Rose Balgram"

"Rose Balgram" is a small NGO working for HIV AIDS affected orphan children. It is a unit with 6 children under the age of 6 – 12 years. The organization provide food, medicine and education for the orphan children who are infected with HIV-AIDS.

"Dhyas Social Foundation" celebrated the christmas with the Children and distributed those gifts.

Christmas celebration in "Ruby Hall Clinic"

On 23 December "Dhyas Social Foundation with the committee of "Ruby Hall Clinic" organized the Christmas celebrating for the children who are suffering from Thalassemia, cancer and HIV-AIDS. Children enjoyed the different games, Puppet show, sweets and snacks. Also we distributed the gifts to all the children over there.

The bread which you withhold belongs to the hungry: the clothing you shut away, to the naked: and the money you bury in the earth is the redemption and freedom of the penniless.
– St Thomas Aquinas (Summa Theologica, 1274 CE)

With the temperature beginning to drop, "Dhyas Social Foundation" have started distributing the woolen clothes and blankets to the under privileged poor people who are unable to purchase warm clothes for them and their family.

We distributed the woolen cloths, blankets and clothes donated by staff of "Excellence Group of Companies" in different old age homes and slum areas .

In "Siddhi Mahila Vridhasram" we have donated wollen clothes to the old destitute ladies. In "Khadda Vasahat" slum and also in the slum area of "Sangvi Phata" where most of the people are migrant we distributed the blankets and old clothes. In "Matoshri Old Age home" we have distributed blankets to the old people.

"Getting to Zero" mission on World AIDS Day – 01 December 2013

"Dhyas Social Foundation" with all its "Serve NGO" volunteers comes together in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the mission "Getting to Zero" with NSS Department of Pune University and AIDS Control Society, Pune and 12 NGO . The rally will took place at 8.15 am from "Shaniwarwada" and proceed down B. J. Medical College, J P Narayan Road, Pune Station Sassoon Road, Pune.

Capacity Building Training on "Documentation Skill" – 19- 21 September 2013

The "Dhyas Social Foundation" conducted a three day workshop as part of "Serve NGO" program to keep the NGO's well versed with various documents required to establish an NGO. The training based on "Capacity Building of NGO's in documentation aims at imparting professional knowledge on various aspects of documentation that NGO's require to maintain during its day to day working.

Various eminent speakers – Nitin Sonawane, National Trainer Yashada, N K Vaidya, Ex-Additional ChIEF Executive, Parinita Kanitkar, Chief Executive, STAPI, Sandeep Jadhav, Training Officer, STAPI imparted the training on various topics required to run a NGO.Over 40 NGO's from various parts of Maharashtra availed the training program.

Support to orphan children of "Compassion Charitable Trust" for their Education

Compassion Charitable Trust is on Organization which has been started to help under privileged women and children. Their goal is to improve the lives of under privileged children who are in the need of support, help, guidance and education. Grace home also takes care of abandoned children or neglected children. There are 15 children living in the home as of now.

As a support for the education of the children "Dhyas Social Foundation" helped by giving school fees for the children and also provided 4 computers for the children.

School uniform distribution to "Blind Girls" of NFBM - Jarity School of Blind Girls

NFBM is one of the Premiere Registered Social Organization which is "Of the Blind " "For the Blind " & "Run by the Blind". It is struggling to strive for Equality of Opportunity for the Blind in their Education, Training and Employment.

As a support "Dhyas Social Foundation" distributed the school uniform to 105 students of NFBM - Jarity School of Blind Girls.

Tech for Seva – A Socio-Technical Conference on Inclusive & Sustainable Social Development.

A Conference was held by TFS from 27 – 29 September 2013 with the aim of providing an interface between the S & T Institutions (the Scientific Solution Providers) the Corporate (CSR) (the Resource Providers) and the NGO's (the the Social Change Agents).

"Dhyas Social Foundation" actively participated in the conference. As a CSR Representative Pragya Soni, Program Manager, Dhyas Social Foundation and LEAP Foundation represented different initiative of "Dhyas Social Foundation" and "LEAP Foundation" in the conference.

We also got the opportunity to showcase our initiatives in the "Expo" organized by "Tech for Seva".

"A support to Ishaprema-Niketan ("Home of God's Love") - Organized By Dhyas Social Foundation

Ishaprema-Niketan ("Home of God's Love") was opened on 19th March 1961 in a little garage situated at Padamji Park, in Pune, Maharashtra State, India. Run by dedicated Sisters of the Group called Ishaprema-Vinamra-Sevika, the Home cares for abandoned, lonely, destitute old men and women, physically handicapped girls, and the little ones of working mothers from the slums around. It is no more in the garage where Ishaprema-Niketan was born. In 1962 the orphanage moved to a larger bungalow very close to it donated by a generous person. Everything in the center is donated by the surrounding houses ; cots, mattresses and bed-linen, home furniture, electrical and plumbing fittings, fans, fridges, washing machines, geysers and T.V. sets ... . Individual volunteers and donors take care of each and every necessity. “Dhyas Social Foundation” also extended hands to support them by providing medicines for the old age group, groceries, water purifier so that they can drink the clean water to prevent themselves from the water borne diseases. We have realized that these amenities are necessary for effective service of such a large family as also to make them feel truly at home, to make them experience that Ishaprema-Niketan is truly their home, where they are cherished and loved till the very end.

Ishaprema-Niketan believe that each and every donor is the hands of the God… they touch it and feel the presence of the God in the donors hand… !

Every year as the spring descends on the hills of Uttarakhand preparations for the oncoming "Yatra" season commence. For the hoteliers, local shop keepers, travel agents, mule owners, the yatra season is the most awaited event of the year. All the shrines (Char Dhams comprising of Badri-Nath, Kedar Nath, Gangotri & Yamnotri & Hemkund Sahib) start opening and by 15th May the season is On.

This year also the most awaited time came and all seemed to be well when around 15th June, the weather changed. The rains came down as if with vengeance and in four days of incessant rains breaking century old records the Uttrakhand was in a state of deluge. Large scale unprecedented damage of man and material has taken place, particularly around famous Kedar Nath Shrine (constructed in 8th Century , overseen by Adi Shankracharya).

The whole world is watching with shocks and surprise that how nature can be so crude to innocent lives killing thousands of devotees , misplacing families coming from all over India. The victims have lost almost everything in this devastation. At this moment, affected people were in need of our help to tide over the calamity that has fallen upon them, to survive and to rebuild their lives. "Dhyas Social Foundation" social wing of "Excellence Group of Companies" decided to stand with our distressed countrymen for their support and we started collecting the relief material and funds for the flood victims.

Team Excellence donated material and funds and also other generous people also give their support in form of funds, clothes and other material.

On 12th July 2013 "Dhyas Social Foundation" send the relief material to the team of "Goonj…" "Rahat Flood Campaign". The relief material includes 100 blankets, medicines, umbrellas, rope, buckets, clothes, boxes etc. .

"Dhyas Social Foundation" connected the "Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Company Ltd." Pune with "Saraswati Anath Shikshan Sanstha" for the support to orphan children. On 29th June 2013 "Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Company Ltd." Pune organized an event for the orphan children who are staying in "Saraswati Anath Shikshan Sanstha" . In the event children played games, watch movie and enjoy the day eating snacks and chocolates. Gifts were also being distributed to all the children.

"A Day Brain Storming Meeting on "Challenges before NGOs in Today's Scenario"

Organized By Dhyas Social Foundation With Support of Sosva Training And Promotion Institute

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

With the launch of "Serve NGO" Program of "Dhyas Social Foundation" on 2 July 2013 a brain storming meeting was organized on "Challenges before NGO's in Today's Scenario".

The purpose of the meeting was to assess the common and area-wise challenges of the NGO's and also find-out the solution through group and panel discussion in the presence of experts.

23 NGO representatives participated in the meeting and shared their challenges and together "Serve NGO Team" made an action plan for the future actions.

Blood Donation Camp on "World Blood Donor Day" – 14 June 2013

"Blood Donation camp" was organized by "Dhyas Social Foundation" social wing of "Excellence Group of companies" on the prestigious 10th year celebration of "World Blood Donor Day"- 14 June 2013. Staff of "Excellence Shelters Pvt. Ltd.", "Excellence IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd" and donors from Aundh area act1ively participated in this initiative. 36 units of blood was collected and being donated to "Acharya Anandrishiji Pune Blood Bank".
With the slogan "Human Life is precious, Donate Blood, Save Life", this year's campaign focuses on the value of donated blood to the patient, not only in saving life, but also in helping people live longer and more productive lives.

A Support to Tara Center – A home for the disabled Children

TARA is a loving refuge for the physically and mentally challenged children. Tara Center is the center for the orphan disabled children. It is a spacious home designed for those unfortunate and special needs children who have a little or no hope to be resettled through adoption. Under the protective care of social workers and their unconditional love, these children confront their mental, physical and social challenges in life. It is completely equipped to meet the needs of the challenged children and has facilities of physiotherapy, water therapy, speech therapy, play therapy etc.
"Dhyas Social Foundation" extended the support for these children by providing all the necessary medicines to them. Secretary, Dhyas Social Foundation, Dr. Manisha Bharde distributed toys and sweets to the children and the team spend the day with the children.

Seminar on "Fund Raising Skills"

Pune - In the m/o March, "Dhyas Social Foundation" had conducted a survey of NGO's and as per the finding from the survey report the biggest challenge found was the raising the funds for the social activities. Hence to build the capacity of the NGO's in fund raising skills, a seminar was conducted for them free of cost under the program "Serve NGO".
"Serve NGO" is new initiative of "Dhyas Social Foundation and is determined to build the capacity of the NGO's and support them for the social upliftment of the society. The seminar on "Fund Raising skill" was organized on May 17, 2013. NGO's from different thematic areas participated in the seminar. The participants were being oriented about art and different innovative methods of fund raising.

Health Camp for Orphan Children in "SOFOSH"

Pune - On 27 April 2013 "Dhyas Social Foundation" had organized a "Health Camp" at Society of Friends of the Sassoon Hospitals" at Pune. 35 orphan children of the age group 6 months to 5 years were examined by a team of "Synergy Dental Clinic".
"Health Camp" for the children was one of the initiatives of "Dhyas Social Foundation" to support "SOFOSH" for their activity. "SOFOSH is a NGO and also runs a special center called "SHREEVATSA" for the care of the tiny "Lodger Babies" who are rescued by police, 'orphaned', 'relinquished' by single mothers or sheltered for 'short term crisis care' for patients admitted to Sassoon Hospital. This child care center has been home and hope to family deprived children ranging from the new born to 4 years.

Awareness Camp for "SOFOSH" on baby care and Health issues

Pune – An awareness camp organized by "Dhyas Social Foundation" for the "SOFOSH" on baby care and health issues. 73 women were being oriented on how to care the small babies and how to address their health issues. "SOFOSH" takes utmost care for the orphan children.
"Dhyas Social Foundation" also pay their gratitude and thanks to the staff of "SOFOSH" by distributing them gifts and sweets. Games were also organized for them by "Dhyas Social Foundation".
"Dhyas Social Foundation" is the social responsibility wing of the "Excellence Group of Companies" and its main focus is to support NGO's in their different social activities and also to empower them by capacity development trainings.
"Awareness Camp" for the children was one of the initiatives of "Dhyas Social Foundation" to support "SOFOSH" for their activity. "SOFOSH is a NGO and also runs a special center called "SHREEVATSA" for the care of the tiny "Lodger Babies" who are rescued by police, 'orphaned', 'relinquished' by single mothers or sheltered for 'short term crisis care' for patients admitted to Sassoon Hospital. This child care center has been home and hope to family deprived children ranging from the new born to 4 years.